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I am here to help you define yourself. I have a vast knowledge, experience and passion for fitness and enjoy coaching clients in their pursuit of better. I pride myself on providing my clients with the most effective, bespoke and cutting edge methods of personal training.

I have vast experience in a range of fitness and training activities, having developed mental and physical endurance and discipline by practicing Kyokushin Karate for 10 years, where I regularly represented my Club and Country in Regional and National Level Championship Tournaments. I currently keep my fitness and strength levels high by practicing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

My goal is to help every client to achieve big results in the shortest time. At CPPT we are unlike many other personal trainers out there as we do walk the walk, and talk the talk. As a Personal Trainer, I love what I do and am constantly learning and training myself. After all – if you can’t train yourself, who can you train?

At Complete Performance Personal Training, we want to help to build a better you. We are motivated by knowledge and habit forming, and offer a bespoke approach to training, working directly with you as an individual to develop achievable goals to work towards.

We offer intelligent, knowledge and data driven Personal Training methods based on cutting edge research in the field of sports and nutritional science, ensuring you are motivated by progressing towards your fitness and body transformation goals, and that together we achieve REAL RESULTS IN THE MINIMUM TIME.

My Services

Complete Performance Personal Trainers are experts developing fitness and training regimes to suit each individual client. The services includes:

Muscle Building

Weight Loss

Body Transformations

Motivation and Mindset Coaching

Core Fitness

1-1 or Online Coaching

Bespoke Training and Nutrition Plans

Cardiovascular Fitness

Flexibility and Conditioning Training

Don’t Just Follow, Understand and Learn.

Use the CPPT FITT App to really understand your exercises and nutritional requirements.

Use the exercise library with hundreds of workouts and videos to specifically help you understand what really matters when working towards your fitness goal.

Forming a clear understanding of the principles of weight training and nutrition will allow you to make decisions for yourself and to remove dependency on ‘fitness fads’.

Your PT will also be available whenever you need them via the chat function on the app, so you will never lose your way on your fitness journey.

Bespoke Exercise Plans which fit your needs.

At CPPT we will work with you to provide you with accountability and motivation which will move you further towards your fitness goal.

We will ensure that any exercise plan you undertake fully supports your progression towards your goal.

Personalised exercise programs are created to exactly suit your needs. I write exercise programs for customers of all training backgrounds and experience and for home and gym training.

Programs are updated after weekly check ins to ensure customers are always progression toward their goals.

Nutritional Advice and Guidance.

At CPPT we will not write generic meal plans for you. Instead we will equip you with the tools to calculate and track your calories and macros, provide you with tasty meal planning pick lists and empower you to learn how to make healthy meal choices at every meal.

Daily Motivational Emails

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How awesome is that?!

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