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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll notice a change in yourself mentally after only 1 week! You’ll get stronger within 2-3 weeks and your results moving forward after that will depend on the effort you put into each workout. After 12 weeks you’re guaranteed to see some change!

What exactly is the Clients Only Forum group?

All of our clients will get access to a private Client's Only group on the CPPT forum. You’ll get to ask us questions along with getting to know other clients who are also members of the group. It’s more like a family than a group! We are all in this together and here is where we can all offer each other words of encouragement, support and motivation and work towards you goals together.

Isn’t counting macros the same as counting calories?

Yes and no. By counting macros you’re technically counting calories but the benefit is you ensure you eat the correct amount of carbs, fat and protein per day. We use a macros based approach because it lets us be flexible with our food choices. If you want that snickers bar, go ahead and eat it. Just understand it will eat up a lot of your carbs and fat for the day. If you’re just counting calories you’ll neglect protein intake and likely consume too much fats or carbs instead.

How do you work out my Macros?

Once you purchase a plan, you’ll be sent a questionnaire via the CPPT Hub App to fill out. In that questionnaire we’ll find out how active you are, your weight, height, training history, goals, food restrictions, allergies etc. Once we have all of this information I will create a customised plan for you to hit your goals.

Is this basically a diet plan?

Nope! Diet plans don’t work. Research has shown time and time again people diet then bounce back and put more weight back on. By having macro goals per day this gives you freedom to eat the foods you want. You won’t feel limited or even feel like you’re dieting. I will recommend foods and recipes via the Forum and my Instagram page so you can follow but they are just there to guide you.

How do I know which plan is right for me?

Prior to booking a plan, I would advise that you book in a free consultation to discuss the goals you wish to achieve so that we can work together to determine which plan fits your needs. If you know what you want to achieve at the outset, then by all means, book straight onto a plan and we can work together to build the plan around your goals. The benefit of Complete Performance is that all plans are completely tailoured towards your own goals, ensuring that you have the best plan in place for you.

How do you track my progress?

Your progress will be tracked in two ways over the course of every plan. The first will be using the CPPT Hub App, which allows body composition tracking as well as full workout and nutrition tracking. If you have an Apple Watch or FitBit, you can even sync those to it for more accurate progress analysis. Also, at the end of every week, you will also recieve a 'Weekly Check In' questionnaire so that you can reflect on your progress over the previous week and so that we can determine what you need to do to progress towards your goals for the next week. Clients can also book weekly or monthly Zoom or in-person check ins directly via the 'Book a Consultation' page whenever they feel they need to discuss the plan.

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